Prepare for the Future


Avidity Wealth Management will make sure that you have the right plans are in place so that you are prepared for the future:

1) Directors Pensions

A self-invested pension is often the most appropriate vehicle for directors as it allows them to take control of the investment strategy of their fund, with our advice directors can make their pension plans work harder for them.

This will frequently involve using some of the additional flexibility provided by self-invested pensions such as commercial property purchase or land purchase – such strategies can prove very tax efficient.

2) Employee Benefits

Every business is different and within every industry there will be varying motivating factors to get the best out of staff and retain them. 

We will work with you to design the most appropriate benefits package to suit your business and your staffing needs. This can range from just pensions advice for selected individuals to the implementation of Flex Benefits packages for all staff.

Because of the varying nature of employment contracts and taxation levels between directors and employees, it may be preferable to set up separate pension plans to suit these different circumstances.

The value of investments can fall as well as rise, and you might not get back your original investment.