Business Protection


Avidity Wealth Management will make sure that you have the right business protection in place in order to alleviate any potential drawbacks or problems:

1) Insuring Key-Persons

To lose a director or employee with specialist skills or knowledge of their company through death or incapacity, can be both distressing and damaging to the business.

Key-person insurance goes some way to make this period of transition easier and less expensive.

2) Life Assurance Protection For Shares

Should a director pass away unexpectedly, the remaining shareholders may have insufficient funds to purchase their shares in the business.  Also the surviving spouse may need the capital value from the shares but be unable to sell them.

Insuring both your company’s future and your families financial security is therefore key.

3) Death in Service / Income Protection / Critical Illness

We can implement the above benefits for your staff by researching the whole market to find the most cost effective solution.

If you have existing schemes then we can look to replace these with better value plans from other providers or even re-negotiate terms with your existing provider to save your company money.

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